Sash’ McKay started singing when he was just three years old. “I remember my dad getting mad at me for recording over his homemade mix tapes, I guess I wasn’t that good then”. Despite of that Sash’s parents always supported his music and his decision to become a performer. As a member and lead singer of the local R&B group “Own D’vice”, Sash’ molded and perfected his skills as a performer. In the fall of 2006 Sash’ started recording his first solo album entitled “Just Me”, he wrote and produced every single song on this CD and this is not just some lame statement, Sash’ actually started writing and producing for other artists long before he began working on his own career as a singer. In May of 2007 Sash’ released the album and started promoting it via Myspace. “Every song on this album means a lot to me in some way or another and I really hope that people will be able to identify with it”. He received exceptional feedback and has now over 50000 friends and fans on Myspace. Sash’ has worked really hard on becoming a skilled singer/songwriter and this album is definitely his best work yet.

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